Vasyli, have been providing off the shelf orthoses for many years. In 2010 the first medical grade sandal was introduced into the UK.

It is unique in that it incorporates 1st Ray plantarflexor technology which is biomechanically proven to facilitate 1st ray function, this promotes a more efficient gait and can help in some cases of 1st MPJ pain (pain in the big toe joint).

The sandals are available in black and brown (Del Mar) for men and black or camel (Key West) for women.

In the Spring of 2012 a further range of walking sandals will become available.  Our surgery still has a limited stock of the Orthoheel range of sandals that preceded the Vasyli flip flops.

Please note that the Vasyli sandals are not available on the High Street and only through chosen health care professionals.

Please contact the surgery for a no obligation fitting.
All Vasyli sandales 30 a pair while stocks last

Please contact surgery for details of new Vionic sandals.
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