Holly Thompson
B.Sc. (hons) podiatry, HPC Registered
I graduated from The Birmingham School of Podiatry in 2000 and have worked both in the private sector and the NHS since then. Iím a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and Iím also HPC registered.

I work for Richard Callaghan offering home visits for practice patients who are unable to get to clinic. My current role in the NHS is as a Team Leader with a high risk patient caseload which includes the treatment of complex diabetic patients and patients whose feet are deemed to be at risk, that is they have underlying medical conditions such as
lower limb ischemia (poor blood supply) which requires close monitoring of their feet and treatment of wounds. 

Since graduation I have attended several courses including:
Diabetic Foundation Modules 1 - 4
Wound Management course by Smith and Nephew
Foundation biomechanics (run by the founder of ICB Orthotics)
Podiatry Manager's Conference
And I am currently studying a Pharmacology distance learning course.

I regularly read journals to also keep up to date with my Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as it is a requirement of the HPC that all Podiatrists undertake this annually to maintain their registration. Because I also work within the NHS, I'm required to also meet their high standards.

I think it is important for patients to have good foot care especially in their later years.  As we all know if our feet are painful it affects our walking pattern and could potentially lead to falls, which some patients never truly recover from physically and mentally.  I also think it is important to keep patients at ease whilst treating them, especially patients that may have dementia and may not be fully aware.  This is one of the benefits of being able to offer a home visiting service as many patients are more comfortable and feel safer in their own home so the experience is far less stressful.

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