Dr Comfort is a relatively new range of footwear from America. It's aim is to do exactly what it says, that is to provide comfort. The shoes do this in a number of ways, they provide an air filled sole and heel with an insole system that is interchangeable. The options are a thin plastazote inlay for cold feet, a thick gel type for cushioning or a specialist insole for the diabetic or neuropathic foot. They also allow for accomodation of a deeper foot  or an ability to change the dimensions of the shoe in the case of swelling. In some instances it is desirable to accomodate an orthosis or heel raise and this footwear is an excellent vehicle to do so.
The uppers are generally seam free on the insides to maximise comfort and avoid rubbing.
A catalogue is available at reception, or can be sent out to you, but it is essential that you attend for a free fitting so that both feet can be measured for length, width and assessed for depth. Shoes generally take 48 hours to arrive at the surgery and longer if they are not stocked in the UK and have to come from the USA. If the shoes do not fit there is no obligation to buy and alternative fittings can be arranged. Once you are happy with your footwear repeat pairs can be ordered simply as similar lasts are used in the production of the different styles.

We also offer footwear advice and stock a range of orthotic flip flops and sandals.
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