Colin Wood
D.Pod.M., M.Ch.S., HPC Registered
Qualified 1980 with state registration as a mature student at the then Birmingham School of Chiropody and emerged into a world desperate for chiropodists, gaining immediate access into this very practice working alongside its originator.  This then passed into the hands of Martin Callaghan who technically inherited me, and from there I moved along with Richard when the practice changed again.  I have always been encouraged to advance here using nail surgery cryotherapy and in clinical biomechanics.  The professional approach of the practice has kept me here for the past 26 years.
At the same time as joining the practice I obtained employment with Solihull Area Health Authority which spanned 7 years, working in both a domicilary and clinical capacity.

Soon after qualifying I was invited to bcome a visiting teacher at the Birmingham School of Chiropody mainly as a clinical tutor and also in the area of clinical biomechanics.  My work at the college continued for 14 years, strangely enough alongside Richard Callaghan.  Soon after qualifying I was invited to become consulting chiropodists to Marks & Spencers Birmingham storeStore, a relationship which has spanned 25 years.

In 1990 I was able to purchase my own practice in Sutton Coldfield which closed 8 years later becoming amalgamated with Sutton Coldfield Health Clinic.  I have been able to build a stimulating relationship with the varied physiotherapists who attend the clinic.  This is mainly in the area of biomechanics and sports injuries.  The overall picture is that I tend to form long and lasting relationships in stable areas where I can carry out a wide range of treatment but with and underlying base of clinical biomechanics when required.  I feel that in this area of chiropody/podiatry we stand as the general practitioner of the profession and am proud to be there.

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