As a new patient with biomechanical problems our reception staff will usually advise a mini biomechanical. This is a 40 minute assessment to carry out a brief evaluation and provide a set of temporary inserts to see if they have the desired effect.

Should this prove helpful or if the patient has tried 'off the shelf' orthoses with success, a one hour and twenty minute appointment can be made for a full Biomechanical Examination. This includes weight bearing and non weight bearing measurement of the lower limb from the hip downwards.

The Appointment also includes taking a full history, video gait analysis and casting the feet using plaster of paris.

With the information gathered from all these sources a pair of customised prescription orthoses can be produced by Plus Laboratory in the USA.

Two weeks after issue we advise a follow up appointment.

An annual review is advised to ensure we are catering for all your biomechanical needs.
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